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Texas Child Support


Texas and Supportkids
Supportkids is licensed with the Texas Department of Banking. We have collected millions for Texas families. We follow and understand the private collection agency process with the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General's Office where we've helped pass legislation which put regulations on private child support collection agencies.

With our headquarters located in Austin, Texas, we understand Texas child support laws very well and continue to make an impact for custodial parents.

The Texas Child Support Division in the Office of the Attorney General assists parents in obtaining the financial support necessary for children to grow up and succeed in life.

Child Support Payments

There are official Texas Child Support guidelines, designed to be reasonable and in the best interests of the child, that the courts use to help determine the correct amount of child support. The state guidelines are generally based on a percentage of the net income of the parent ordered to pay child support. The guidelines will be followed, unless the parents have agreed to a different child support amount.

Either or both parents may be ordered to make periodic, lump sum or both types of child support payments.


Parents are encouraged to agree on parenting and custody issues. If there is no agreement between the parents, or their agreement is not found to be in the child's best interest, then the courts will make these decisions.

In Texas, the courts encourage joint legal custody whenever practical, based on their own considerations. The courts will not award joint custody if there is any credible evidence of spousal or child abuse.

Court Orders

Court orders providing for support and custody of children are subject to change or modification to reflect significant changes in income, and/or living arrangements of the children.

Texas is all about big. It is the second most populous state, second largest geographically and has the longest border with a foreign country. So it's no surprise that the challenges of administering Texas child support are huge too. It is also, appropriately enough, Supportkids' home base.