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Florida Child Support


Florida and Supportkids
Supportkids has collected millions of dollars for Florida families. We are able to navigate the Florida private child support agency process to get results, and we understand complicated state child support laws.

The Florida Department of Revenue provides child support services that include establishing legal paternity, locating missing parents, and establishing, enforcing, and modifying support orders. They do not establish or enforce visitation or custody.

Child Support Payments

There are specific Florida child support guidelines, designed to be in the best interests of the child, that the courts use to determine the amount of child support. These guidelines are followed unless there is an agreement by the parents as to an amount of child support considered fair and reasonable by the court. The Florida guidelines must take into consideration both parents' earnings and income and the health care needs of the children.


Joint or sole custody may be awarded by the Florida courts, without preference to the sex of the parents. Both parents are given equal consideration.

Court Orders

Court orders providing for support and custody of children are subject to change or modification to reflect significant changes in income, and/or living arrangements of the children.