How is your child support
being counted?

National Unpaid Child Support


Collections by Supportkids




Many custodial parents wait years for help.
As soon as you complete enrollment, our work begins immediately. Your case gets the attention it deserves.
Can be inconsistent and sporadic.
Get updates on your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online or by telephone.
Lacks resources due to limited funding, continued cutbacks, and hiring freezes.
We grow with our caseload. The more clients we have, the more people we hire to work their cases.
Collecting child support is just one of many functions that over-burdened state workers must handle.
Our only job is to collect your child support.
Over $115 billion owed.
We've collected millions for thousands of families - most sought help from government first with limited - or no - results.

How It Works

1. Qualify


Qualifications for service:

  • A court order requiring non-custodial parent to pay child support
  • Live in an eligible state
    Eligible States
  • Non-custodial parent not in jail or prison
  • Must be owed $2000 or more in child support
  • Not currently receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • No payments received within 60 days. (or 180 days if you live in CA)

2. Review Our Product


Fees are deducted from payments collected on your behalf, so you never pay out of pocket.
Must be owed $2000 or more and not currently receiving any child support payments.

3. Complete Enrollment


Tell us some basic details about your case.


Set up your secure online account, where you will be able to access case updates and check for payments.


Sign the agreement for services electronically so we can begin our efforts on your behalf.

4. Let Us Get To Work!

Case Preparation

Case Preparation

  • Gather case details
  • Examine collection history
  • Collect and review required documents
  • Coordinate with government agencies
  • Calculate arrears, including state-specific interest
  • Develop individualized collection strategy


  • Investigate employment and residential history
  • Confirm information provided
  • Search public and private databases
  • Contact friends and relatives
  • Determine and verify current place of employment

Enforcement & Collections

  • Issue wage withholdings
  • Negotiate directly with non-custodial parent
  • Send collection letters
  • Follow up on established payment plans
  • Monitor payments
  • Remedy payment lapses
Client Relations

Client Relations

  • Point of contact for all client inquiries
  • Personal contact with clients over the phone
  • Prompt responses to email
  • Automated phone system for 24/7 case updates
  • Real-time case updates available via online client accounts

Our Fees

We understand that cost is an important factor in determining whether something is right for you. That is why we are upfront about our fees, how they are charged, and what you receive in return. Our fees grant you access to a team of child support professionals who are ready to go to work for you and your family.


Pay nothing out of pocket
No fees owed if we do not collect
Fees of 34% retained from collections
Case updates available 24-hours a day
Personalized attention
Proven collection strategies

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