Child Support Calculator

How much child support are you owed?

Use the resources below to help determine how to answer this important question.

Estimate of how much is owed to you right now.

This estimate does not reflect the exact balance Supportkids will work to collect for you, but it does give you an idea of how quickly the unpaid child support adds up, especially combined with interest.

*The approx. amount owed to you is a rough estimate and does not take into account previous payments made by the NCP, modifications to and judgments associated with your court order, custody changes, or other factors that must be considered when establishing the true balance of what is owed to you.

What is the exact amount of back child support you are owed?

Determining how much unpaid child support is owed to you can be a complex process. Many things need to be taken into consideration beyond the terms of your original court order such as:

  • State-specific interest rates can be applied to child support debt.
  • Some states apply simple interest and others use compound interest.
  • State interest rates change over time and apply to your balance during that timeframe.
  • Modifications to or judgments on your order can affect arrears calculations over time.
  • Custody changes and emancipation of children must be factored in.
  • Welfare or TANF cash assistance you might have received.
  • Timing and amount of previous payments made by the non-custodial parent.

While your local state child support office is a good resource to use to find out how much you are owed, the balance they provide often does not include the compounding interest and that makes a significant impact on the total.

How much will Supportkids collect?

As a client, Supportkids will invest time in your case to reach the best estimate of how much you are owed. By combining our legal expertise, understanding of court documents and our extensive experience with government payment registries, we have developed a tool for calculating the total child support debt owed, including interest. This is a valuable service that we provide to all of our clients as part of your service package.

It is likely that this amount will only continue to grow unless you take action to collect your child support.