There is hope with Supportkids.

National child support debt exceeds $100 billion. State agencies often lack the resources to be effective, so the problem continues to grow. Supportkids is the leader in non-traditional child support enforcement, providing an alternative to government agencies. Since 2001, our total collections exceed millions of dollars in child support.

It pays to have experience on your side.

Supportkids has a proven record of child support collection success. We've collected in difficult cases where others have failed, such as those involving grown children or parties that reside in multiple states. These are complex cases, and Supportkids has the resources to work them effectively.

An affordable service you can't afford to miss.

We know raising children is expensive, especially when you're not getting child support payments. We offer a choice when it comes to paying for our services, giving you the flexibility to decide what works best for your budget. Our goal is the same as yours: to get more money into your household, and we will work diligently to achieve that goal.


With CollectPay, we prepare and work your case without collecting any fees from you upfront. Once the non-custodial parent starts paying, we retain a Case Development Fee to cover a portion of our prep costs, and then we retain 34% of each additional payment.


With FlexPay, you know exactly how much our service will cost on a monthly basis. Once your monthly price is set, you will continue to pay that amount monthly for as long as you need us. Whether it is for six months or six years, you decide. There is no long term commitment, and you may cancel at anytime.